Unilag Foundation Biometric Application Process Online

How To Get Your Biometric Done After Filling The Form Online

Unilag Foundation Biometric Application Process Online  | Now you have submitted your form online, you are at the page where your biometrics meant to be done, you don’t even have the electronic to do that what next?

How Important Is Unilag Foundation Biometric Application Process

When you are done with your registration all applicants have to do biometric / FingerPrint, this biometric is compulsory because it will be used as your evidence for your full registration.

Where Can The Unilag Foundation Biometric/Fingerprint Is Done

The Unilag Foundation Biometric Application Process can be done online at any Cyber Cafe that is close to you. For assistant you can call Mr. Seyi on 08085798255. However, Unilag Foundation Biometric Application Process can be done at the Centre for information (CITS) in University of Lagos.

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The center for information is located inside the school campus, if you are confuse about the location, please kindly ask the security you see at the entrance of the school, or student, you will be directed with care.

Purpose Of Unilag Foundation Biometric Application Process

The Unilag Foundation Biometric will be used when you want to start your exam at the examination centre in the school premises. Your fingerprint will be done with your finger alone, no one else is to help you, but your personal self, this is done just like the way you applied for JAMB.

Please it was an issue for those who didn’t make the biometric compulsory last year, this also give them a lot of stress, that some applicant want to leave the exam centre and go home due to the stress they face as the challenge. My advice, please make sure you do it as to avoid stress.

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The biometric have started, don’t let anyone deceive you that the biometric have not begun, please share this post and read it with care.

Unilag Foundation Biometric Application Enquiries

For more information and also for help, you can feel free to ask, we can help you solve some of your problems, but God is the best in all things, you can contact Mr. seyi on 08085798255, 09038699846

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