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Swift 4G LTE APN Settings | Swift Mifi APN Settings 2018 - Intriguing Sites Review, Online Biz, Cryptos, & More..

Swift 4G LTE APN Settings | Swift Mifi APN Settings 2018

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Swift Mifi APN device Settings 2018

Swift Mifi APN  – I had a challenge today trying to fix and setup Swift APN Network settings amd it was a bit challenging. I ended up calling Swift office at Adeniran Ogunsanya lagos, the one close to Surulere ShopRite.

While on the phone with their customer care agent, I was transferred to almost 3-4persons before I was able to get the APN settings fixed. At last; was able to Setup the Swift APN  and connected without issues. However, in this article, we will be discussion on how to setup Swift 4G LTE APN Network settings for Android phones, iPhone and PC devices.


Swift 4G LTE APN Settings for Android

To setup Swift APN for Android phones, it is straight forward, just follow this steps highlighted below:

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Step 1 Go to – Settings -> More ->Mobile Network -> Access point Names

Step 2 (to add); Click on new profile

Step 3 Put in the following…..

Name : Swift 4G LTE


Proxy : Not Set

Port : Not Set

Username : Not Set

Password : Not Set

Server : Not Set

MMSC : Not Set

MMS Proxy : Not Set

MMS Port : Not Set

MCC : 621

MNC : 26

Authentication Type : Not Set

APN type : default

APN protocol: Ipv4

Enable/disable APN: APN Enabled

Bearer: Unspecified

MVNO type : None

MVNO Value : Not set


How To Set Up Swift NG APN Settings for iPhone Device


To setup Swift APN for iPhone Devices, it is straight forward, just follow this steps highlighted below:

Step 1: In your Apple iPhone go to Settings

Step 2: From Setting move to – Cellular -> Cellular Data Network -> APN and enter the following details:

Cellular Data:


Username: Blank

Password: Blank


APN: blank

Username: blank

Password: blank

MMSC: blank

MMS Proxy: blank

MMS Message Size: 1048576

MMS UA Prof URL: blank

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How To Set Up Swift APN For MiFi / USB Dongle APN

To Set Up Swift APN For MiFi / USB Dongle APN; follow the steps here:

Go to Tools->Options->new

Add new profile and enter the following


Access Number : *99#

Username : Blank

Password : Blank


To Set up Swift APN for Ntel MiFi Device, Spectranet Mifi & Other Mifi devices;

Before setting up the APN, visit the URL =

Login with username and password. If not changed yet; use admin as username and password

Click on Setting >>> New Profile

Input these setting as seen below:

Profile name:   Swift 4G LTE

User name:      Leave Blank

Password:        Leave Blank


Click on save and you done!


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