South Africa Xenophobia Attack | See Reason Why S. A Xenophobia re-occurred?

South Africa Xenophobia Attack On Africa Countries – See Reason Why?

South Africa Xenophobia attacked is as a result of the lazy people that are not ready to get themselves busy with handy job and skill acquisition.

The video below as explained all in details

If it were Nigerian Governments that would put 100 new empowerment companies or more than, we the Nigerians will accommodate all other Africa countries to come and hustle in our country.

Reason: Nigerians have good accommodative spirit. Even as at the time of ”Ghana must Go” back then around 1989 – 1998, when the Nigerian customs officers arresting illegal Ghanian immigrants, some of Nigerian still gave some of them shelter pending the time they get good job to do.

Ghanaians back then hustle and some settled and now living as citizens of Nigeria.

That time, not 60percent of Nigerians were employed but yet we still accommodated our fellow Africans and we did not kill anyone or molesting them rather they were arrested and sent back home.

Who Caused The South Africa Xenophobia

The South Africans Pressman had sated that ”the South African Governments caused the present Xenophobia because when it’s first stated, the government refused to take action rather, they embraced and encouraged their citizens to continue killing other African brothers.

Therefore, the so-called south Africa lazy citizens had enjoyed and tasted less effort wealth they acquired and now they are hungry again. On this note led to the looting of foreigners shops, and business owners in the country.

Conclusion On South Africa Xenophobia

in case the South Africa Governments refused to contained and control ongoing Violence and crime committed by the lazy citizens and supported policemen, all other African countries will turn their back on them and fall like Goliath in the Bible and they won’t get any support from the brotherhood countries.

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Contribution to The Article

This article was compiled by the touched Nigerian citizen living in South Africa.  the unknown Nigeria man owned business in South Africa and was looted to zero by these South Africa criminals.

other contributions and comments are welcome from other contributors.

If there is anything you feel its lead to the caused of SouthAfrica Xenophobia on other Africa Countries, feel free to comment

Before I end this article, readers can also see a video below to check out the fact about ongoing South Africa Xenophobia;


See what a Nigerian Said to the South Africa Xenophobia:

By Now, The South African Ambassador In Nigeria Would Have Arrived South Africa
By Now, MTN Would Have Been Nationalized
By Now, DSTV Signal Would Have Been Jammed
By Now, Shoprite Would Have Been Sealed Off
By Now, Nigeria Ambassador In South Africa Would Have Been Recalled
By Now, 20-40 Cargo Planes Would Have Been Sent To South Africa To Bring Nigerians Home
By Now, Two Nigeria Naval War Ship Would Have Been Sent To South Africa
By Now, France & Germany Would Have Sent Delegations To Beg Abacha
By Now, Over 2,000 Xenophobia Attackers Would Have Been Arrested By South African Police, And Videos Shown To Make Abacha Calm Down…
Every Bad Man, Has A Time He’s Useful To His People. (Not all bad men tho 😉)
By Now, Donald Trump Would Have Called Abacha To Beg For Peace
I Wish This Happened When The People’s General Was Still Head Of States…Then, They Would Have Known The Worth Of Nigeria
REST IN PEACE, The General!

South Africa Xenophobia Attack - See Reason Why?

South Africa Xenophobia Attack – See Reason Why?


Another Fact to note

This guy said because there are foreigners in South Africa (Other Africans) led to low income because the other Africans accept little token offered to them while they can’t accept that because its can’t sustain them for the kind of life they planned to live.


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