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Reddit news – Reddit submit links, reddit news platform is an American social news combination of community – aggregation, website content rating, and a platform for discussion among members. Members who are Reddit’s community registered members are allow submitting web content such as text posts or direct links post. In this article, you will get an unveiling truth of reddit social news link submission.

Reddit News Platform

With reddit US news, members get current and ongoing news  happening at the moment in the USA, also users and members get reddit worldnews with confirm and genuity of state. With reddit, there is reddit US news, reddit Turkish news, to crown it all, we have reddit worldnews. In addition, members get other news worldwide like reddit news turkey, with reddit bbc news, all news are found on the reddit platform. Before we begin on how submit reddit links, we must not leave reddit major categoris.


Reddit US News | Reddit Worldnews Catgeries

Tagging reddit news as reddit bbc news, reddit world politics with fact that mentioned subcategories are strong sub for members derived most fascinating news update from. It is also tagged reddit science because all form of science news are evolve in reddit news platform with also reddit Europe as it gives Europeans latest news.

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Before we begin the listing, we would like you all to know that reddit has a slogan ‘’reddit front page of internet’’. Having mentioned or known this fact, see most fascinating reddit front page

  • r/ALL :reddit gold gives you extra features that you could ever imagine. Explore reddit and see.
  • R/all/top: reddit gold gives you extra features and helps to grow your links and to show on the top content
  • r/Videos: Political videos—including content relating to social issues.
  • R/gaming: This limit user’s search to r/gaming only, so submission must be directly to that category.
  • AskReddit: This is not your soapbox, personal army, or advertising place rather a place to ask unclear questions
  • Top scoring links: reddit gold gives you extra features to boost your submitted links contents.

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Below are reddit news major categories one can explore:


  1. Newest submissions
  2. WorldNews
  3. UpliftingNews
  4. Newest submissions
  5. Worldnews Rules.
  6. New comments

How To Submit Links On Reddit News

Submitting web content on reddit news platform increases ones site and give more traffic for site to be seen. There are two ways in which one can use to submit links on reddit news platform. One is by adding reddit share link to your articles. This can be implemented immediately after post or before post. Then users must have signup with reddit news web to be a user.

Only users can submit link(s) successfully on reddit platform.

Second way in which one can use to submit links on reddit news is that you must signup directly on reddit web and copy the link you intended to submit after whioch with high comment, your content will be view and place on top of the r/post.


Hope with the steps above, you can handle your reddit submission.

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