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PiggyBank | – Piggy bank Nigeria

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Piggybank is any online money payment which you can make transfer and withdraw on any transaction you made or have. Piggybank is a trusted platform; millions of people have been thinking piggybank is a scam account that will take your money away after you have much money in your account.

All you need to know is that is been used all over the world by many users, it now a trusted account. I fell into the shoe of others thinking this site was a scam; I use to spend my money lavishly  in going clubs, shopping without any saving; I was introduce  into piggybank by a friend which he now have a lot of savings now. He own a business which he invested on, now this turn me up making my own same decision in making my plan work with piggybank.

All this work with one mind and determination, putting risk in a thing for the first time is called business, in business you have to take a risk in starting.

How to get you piggybank Nigeria Account

  • . Go to Register
  • . Put in you first name and last name. You are not required to add your middle name. (It must tally with the one on your bank card)
  • . Put in your valid email (yahoo, outlook, Gmail etc. …) this where your password will be sent
  • . Put in your phone number

Now you are now go to go in using you piggybank account, when your account is open you need to save 100 naira to make the continuation of the process

Note; risk is all about at least it just a token asked, just do it and make your account active for  you start, now your account is active. There are no bank charges when you are making a transaction into your piggy account.


  • It helps in organizing loose change. Better than losing all of those little and dimes under the rug or in your car, put them together and place them in your piggy bank. It will also provide affordable good money savings habits.
  • The money increase. When it comes to life and business, it’s always relevant to set goals… Having a piggy bank is good going ways to assist you reach those goals. Maybe thinking of having a new car or for a visitation, putting together to a piggy bank will give you more outlines and show how close (or far away) you are from making that purchase.
  • Build a great example. Piggy banks are an easy and important way to teach youth in the family about the importance of saving. This help them in getting saving for the future, this helps them in getting more cash and plan about their next move in future whether  it’s a new car, house , land etc.  Letting them know the benefits of using a piggy bank give them more motivation in the future.
  • Give support “Always Be Saving”. Saving should be your first priority. Like we all know the most and first thing in this world is money”. Maybe you depositing part of your deposit slip into a bank savings account or putting in little cash into a piggy bank, some of this really helps a lot. You can see the growth of your savings in your piggybank. This will help you in making your adult life useful and complicated.

How much can I Start with?

N50 – N25,000 daily,
N1000 – N100,000 weekly,
or N3,000 – N500,000 monthly on

when selecting the save option which allows you put funds to your savings at a convenient  time, you can put up to N500,000 each time.


No 16 Boyle Street, Onikan, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
Contact No: 08093719000


Everything is done automatically only if you want to make use the QuickSave option. All payment on your debit card will be shown in your dashboard. An email receipt will be sent to you every moment we save with your debit card and your bank an alert will also be sent. It’s 100% secure.


This option acquires you to add more funds to your savings. For example, if you set N1, 000 daily and you miss a day or two, make the use of quick save option to deposit N2, 000 or  N3, 000 at once. This helps you in meeting your target. You can add N200, 000 at instance with this decision on Quicksave. Though, you can apply this multiple times in a day.


Withdrawing is free only on set Withdrawal dates. Setting your own withdrawal day OR you can use Piggybank’s for your actual FREE withdrawal dates every year.

Transaction will be sent to the bank account you have already preset for withdrawals within the specify time (less than 3 working hours).

PS: If you wish to set your own convenient FREE withdrawal date, the next present FREE date will be specified from the 3 months of the last time you withdrew.


The bank details you fill in the first place in creating your piggybank account is what will be used, click on the “withdraw” option on your dashboard, put in the amount you wish to withdraw and your funds will be transferred to the bank you filled in, account within the specified time (A minimum than 3 working hours)

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