InfiniteNaira Login – Way to Infinite Wealth, Get 300% of your Donation

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REVIEW: InfiniteNaira Login – Way to Infinite Wealth, Get 300% of your Donation

InfiniteNaira Login – Way to Infinite Wealth, Get 300% of your Donation – It is Fast, Unique, and Reliable. You can Start your journey to infinite wealth with & Spread the Word, Spread the wealth.
Get 300% of your Donation, in minimum of 24hours and maximum of 7days

How InfiniteNaira  Works


Pair to Pair Donation

When you Join, you will need to donate the sum of either #5000, #10000, #20000 or #50000 to a fellow member assigned to you by the system. The member will then confirm your donation. The system will automatically assign 3 other registered people who will also pay you the donated amount each, into your bank account, thereby making 300% return, i.e. 5000 gets 15000, 10000 gets 30000, 20000 gets 60000, 50000 gets 150000.


Simple and Powerful Design

After you have received payment from the 3 people assigned to pay you, you can donate any amount again willingly. The system allow you to donate 3 times with the same account, and after you have received payment from each, the system will automatically DELETE you; however, you can register again and start afresh. This is to ensure that the database remains strong and the server is not congested.


No Pyramid Scheme

There is NO central Account. There is NO Admin fee. No referral links. All donations are made directly to fellow member bank account. JOIN TODAY and start your journey to infinite wealth.
Spread the word, Spread the wealth!!!




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InfiniteNaira Terms & Conditions

Point 1

Infinite Naira will not be held liable for any loss incurred as a result of your use of this platform. Like every ponzi scheme, you agree to bear the risk associated with the scheme. Therefore, Members are advised to Participate with spare money. Giving funds does NOT necessarily mean getting funds back.

Point 2

The people assigned to you will pay you within the speculated time, if not they will be deleted and you will be reassigned. Once you receive their payments, please login to your dashboard and confirm their payments. When this process is completed, you either close the account, or run a new package on the account.

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