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China Sina Weibo sign up | Weibo English Translate Page –

Creating Sina Weibo account may seem difficult because it’s a Chinese base website translate. But using the simple steps on this page will lead you to create China Sina Weibo account which will be translated into English or any other language that you may understand better. So let’s get started.


If you want to open Weibo account then I suggest that you use Google Chrome browser which already has a translator tool (by default) and its easy to use because once you enter a website or page that is not an English translate, the browser notifies you are as you to translate to the language of your choice.

How to Register Sina Weibo account With Email in English Version

1.   Log on to

2.   Your browser should show up a notification on whether you would like to translate the page.

3.   Once you click on “Translate”, you wait for the translation to complete with the language you have selected. In this case we are using “English”.

You can see that the page is translated to English, so we can read and understand what ti fill in the China Sina Weibo sign up form. But you may not succeed if you decide using the phone number as a mode of registration. Therefore, click on the email (above) to use an email address which goes fast and easy to verify fast.

4.   Now, I click on the “email registration”

5.   Please note that the page is already translated into English.

6.   The next step (after you have gotten a notification that the registration is successful) is for you to log in your email and verify your account.

This is the email and link you should click to verify your Sina Weibo account registration.

7.   Now you can login using your email address and password and still make sure to translate the page to understand and easy navigation.


Now that iis all about creating Sina Weibo in English.