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FG Trader Moni | Get Trader Moni Into Bank Account Via Eyowo - Intriguing Sites Review, Online Biz, Cryptos, & More..

FG Trader Moni | Get Trader Moni Into Bank Account Via Eyowo

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FG Trader Moni | Eyowo Update: How to Get your money Transferred to your Bank Account via eyowo

FG Trader Moni | Get your FG trader moni transferred into your Bank account immediately via Eyowo App – Few weeks ago, Federal government Agents went across Nigeria capturing the market people, the trader introducing the FG Trader Moni (Eyowo) to them that after which the traders will get the FG trader Moni (Eyowo) transferred to them after Federal Government Approval.

However, most trader moni applicants till date do not know how to get the FG loan they applied for. Some who have applied for the trader moni loan online have not yet received their loan transferred into their bank account.

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In this article, you will learn how to go about it to get the Trader Moni transfer to your personal own bank account. Also, you will learn how to use the eyowo app to get your own loan transferred to your bank account.

FG Trader Moni Loan Confirmation made by the Executive Director of BoI – Trader Moni


The Executive Director, BoI, Toyin Adeniji, at the unveiling of ‘Trader Moni’ at Ojuwoye Market in Mushin, Lagos, said the bank will not relent until every Nigerian who is willing, has access to loan irrespective of their status or level of education.

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How FG Trader Moni Works?

The ‘Trader Moni’ initiative is a mobile phone driven technology. After your details have been captured by the agent and sent to BoI system for validation, within 48 hours you will get cash notification in your mobile wallet account. You can either transfer the cash to your bank account or cash it out at any mobile money agent.

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What is The Maximum Amount One can collect from Trader Moni, Farmer Moni and Market Moni – Eyowo?

  • Farmer Moni for farmers category with loan access of up to N300,000
  • Market Moni for traders and artisans category that are little bigger and structured gets loan access up to N100,000
  • Trader Moni is for market Men and Women category that get loan access upto N50,000

Who can apply for the FG Trader Moni, Farmer Moni and Market Moni ?

The set of people that can apply for this FG Trader monii, farmer Moni and market Moni are Nigerians who reside in any of the Nigeria’s state can have access to apply for the loan.

Notice to all Trader Moni, Farmer Moni and Market Moni Beneficiaries

All beneficiaries are urged to ensure they pay back the FG Trader Moni, Farmer Moni and Market moni in other to gives others the opportunity of get their own loan.

What is Eyowo Account?

Eyowo account is an account for the transfer of your loan to your bank account once you’ve received it in your cell phone. Eyowo Trader Moni is a loan scheme initiated by the Federal government to support petty business men and women. Eyowo Trader moni loan is the same as Trader moni loan of N10, 000 to N50, 000.

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Trade Moni Eyowo App

This is an application to send or transfer your money to your bank account

How to download eyowo app

To download Eyowo application, use

Eyowo Transfer Code

Eyowo code is used for the transfer of Trader Moni loan to your bank account or for withdrawing the money

Eyowo Registration Portal For Application Of FG Trader Moni

Eyowo registration portal is used to apply for transfer of Trader Moni loan to your bank account. Also, before that could be done, try to locate any trader moni agent in your area and get the money first, apply and get the alert first.

I Want To Be An Eyowo Agent, how?

To become an Eyowo Trader Moni Agent, you need to apply through the Directors in-charge of your area or locality or meet with some of the agents in your area for further enquiries as regards to how to apply. READ ARTICLE HERE!

How Will I Fill My Trader moni Form

Try to meet Trader Moni Agent in your area and fill the form for a successful registration for the loan to get approved.

How Can I Transfer Trader Moni To My Bank Bank

To transfer Trader Moni to your Bank Account, you can use Eyowo application to do that faster

Procedures on how to send TradeMoni into your bank account via Eyowo App

  • You can send Trader Moni loan to your account only when you have received the alert
  • Use Eyowo app to transfer the money to your account
  • Follow the instructions stated clearly in your phone
  • Once you get the alert in your phone, make good use of the money
  • Always payback to enable you have access to higher amount

Steps To Apply For Trader Moni

  • Visit any Trader Moni agent around your location
  • Fill the Trader Moni Application form with the trader moni agent
  • Input  your correct phone number
  • Once you receive the code, use it to validate the account
  • Once you get alert in your phone, transfer the money to your bank account using the EYOWO APP
  • Download the Eyowo app, register
  • Use Eyowo application to transfer or send the money to your bank account
  • Invest the money in your business wisely
  • Make sure you pay back the money withdrawn within stipulated time
  • Apply for another loan

How Will I Get Trader Moni Code To Send Through SMS

As soon as you begin your registration with a Trader Moni agent, a notification code will be sent to your phone immediately for validation of the registration.

How do I get a link to government Trader Moni

To get or apply for Trader Moni, Farmer Moni or Market you can go to any Trader Moni agent in your locality or area and apply using your details, or apply online using this link

How to become Trader Moni Agent

To become trader moni agent, you need to apply through the directors in-charge of your area or locality. You can also meet some of the agents in your area for further enquiries as regards to how to apply.

Trader Moni Loan Registration

To register or apply for trader moni, you need to locate Trader Moni agent in your area and apply

Codes for registration for money trader

The code for registration for Trader Moni will sent to the phone number you used while applying for trader moni which will help in completing your application.

Stages involved in cashing out Trader Moni or Applying For Trader moni

For a starter, you can access N10, 000 and pay back N10, 250 to qualify for N15, 000.

Once you have payback N15, 375, you will be qualify for N20, 000 loan and when you have pay back N21,000 also, you will get N50,000. Note that all loan categories have payback duration of six months.

Closing Date for FG Trader Moni Loan, Farmer Moni or Market Moni Scheme

There is no closing date for the Trader Moni Loan, Farmer Moni or Market Moni Scheme. Till everyone in Nigeria gets the loan.

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