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How To Copy Text From Image On Window Pc

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Copy Text From Images | Convert Image Text To Word | How To Copy Text From Image, Convert Images Texts To Words On Window Pc

Copy Text From Images – Removing texts from tweets, articles, blog, web pages also email could be a bit challenges. Converting image text to word or copy image text to word are not an easy task but these action are always very simple to do.
This is similar of removing out text from images, which seems so difficult for sort out. Through the help of optical character recognition technology, just like text which are from images (photographs, magazines, and lot more) that can be transmitted or converted to text which can be edited, shared also translate other languages.

Steps On How To Convert Images To Text | Copy Image Text  to Word | How To Copy Text From Image, Convert Images Texts To Words On Window Pc

Below are steps to copy text from an image on a window pc:

  • Through making using of the browser extension

If you make use of chrome to browse your internet also you need to make use of bringing out text from the image on a website platform, you can get this done in a simple way, just try to install an extension which advisable for ease of work.

The project naptha is very authentic and perfect extension. This is similar to computer version rules on all images you find when using your web browser. Through the help of project naptha you can copy all text, paste, edit and as well translate texts which were previously hidden in the images.

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Now this had been added at the extension of your chrome browser from the chrome store, in the platform of the web which you want to move out the texts from, tap and drag your mouse cursor at the text which is contained in the image. Now right click your mouse to pick up all the highlighted copy or text or translate to other language.

  • Third party software

Lot of optical character recognition software which is presents that you can select from that get you the access of moving out texts from images. Examples of this are Snagit and Easy Onscreen OCR.  Make sure you get aware that this software are not free to get online.


  • Making use of online OCR websites

Lot of OCR websites which can enable you get your job done if the image you want to remove text from image from your computer is present on your computer. With the help of this website you can upload files from your computer and convert it to text. Now, the websites are free and users can convert removed text on a plain text file, Microsoft word document and excel documents.

Below are list of OCR Websites that are free:

  1. is a free OCR site with url click here to use it
  2. has support for multiple languages, and you can select an image file either from your computer, or can enter an URL if the image is present on the same URL. Once you are done, you can get the extracted text, which can be edited by opening it in Google Docs. It has url or click here to use it
  3. is a free OCR site with url click here to use it
  4. is a free OCR site with url click here to use it
  5. is a free OCR site with url clcik here to use it

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The online OCR is verified and standard website you can access to convert your contents to text. The procedure is to tap on select file, tap on convert button to extract the text occupied in the image. Within a few seconds, you will be given a link to download the extracted file in the format you are be given.

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